Pirate Android App Market Shut down

You may or may not have heard of Blapkmarket, a pirate Android app store run by one Jesusxxx where you could download paid Android applications for free, well according to an article over on phandroid, Blapkmarket has now been shut down by its host.

Now obviously there is no condoning the pirating of any application, but apparently Jesusxxx’ view was that the Android Market doesn’t allow enough time to test run a paid app as the Android market only give a 24 hour grace period for returning an app for refund.

So it could be seen as Jesusxxx was providing a place whereby Android app users could test out apps and deliver some feedback without the need to shell out any cash. On the other hand piracy is illegal and Blapkmarket was operating outside the law.

So out goes Blapkmarket but will it remain closed, as often as not the operators of these pirate sites usually find a way to make a come back. Just to reiterate our stance, we at Phonesreview do not endorse any piracy of any kind.


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