The PSP Phone Exists as Chinese Knockoff

There has been rumours for some time now that Sony Ericsson may put of the much talked about PSP phone, and even Bert Norberg, the president of Sony Ericsson hinted about it during Mobile World Congress 2010, but that’s as far as it goes at the moment.

However there does appear to actually be a PSP Phone in existence in the form of a Chinese knockoff reports an article over on unwired view.

The Shanzhai PSP Phone looks remarkable just like a Sony PSP console and sports call and end keys along with some type of camera on its rear, but any specs for the PSP Phone are scares at the moment.

Word has it though that this knockoff handset uses a MTK platform so could mean dual SIM, WiFi and Bluetooth is incorporated. As for price and availability, well neither are know at this time either.

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