LeDIX $300k Mechanical Mobile Phone from Celsius X VI II

In this digital world we live in it appears that the digital mobile phone, the touch screen smartphones are just a bit too advanced and Celsius X VI II want to take us back to a more mechanical time, probably due to them being a luxury watch maker.

However, French company Celsius X VI II has stepped into the mobile phone world with their LeDIX mobile handset which apart from anything else commands a hefty price tag of some $300,000 and will be 2 limited edition versions of only 50, reports pcmag.

Apparently the idea for the LeDIX came via a conversation with a flight attendant and asked Thomas Purvot, the company’s co-founder to turn of his mobile phone and once turned off he didn’t know what the time was so began thinking of a flip phone which a mechanical watch adorning its front so that every time you flip open the handset it wound the watch.

The LeDIX offers phone calls, a camera, contacts, text messaging, email, and web browser, but lacks Bluetooth, but does come with a docking station and a courtesy handset if your LeDIX should break, but the big thing is, is the LeDIX actually worth $300,000?

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