Video: Mobile Phone Costs Olympian Chance of Medal

Now we have a rather unusual video for your viewing pleasure today which is a video interview with Noah Kravitz of phone dog who explains how an Olympic speed skater missed out on an Olympic gold because of a mobile phone (cell phone in the states).

The short humorous video from Noah explains that a German alternate speed skater by the name of Patrick Becker was required to take the place of an Italian who had to pull out of one of the events, but when the Olympic officials called his mobile phone it was turned off.

Thus the speed skater missed the opportunity to take part and possibly go on to win an Olympic gold medal. Furthermore, to rub it in further, his sister also an Olympic competitor went on to win 2 silver medals in her races.

The moral of the story is of course, never turn off your mobile phone because you never know when that important phone call is going to come through, especially if you are at the Olympics. You can find Noah’s video below, hit it up and enjoy.

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