Skype disappears from Windows Mobile

Gone from the website is Skype for Windows and also Skype Lite for mobile phones which support Java, including smartphones based on Android.

Sadly you can no longer download these applications from the official site, however, those that already have them can continue to use them.

According to official representatives of Skype the step was taken because of the fact that the two mobile applications are unable to fulfil the basic purpose of the quality service which is of course to make calls cheaper.

Also the company do not feel that it is appropriate to continue the amount of effort that has been spent on the development and support. In relation to Symbian it is still available for download. Carriers will probably welcome this move as Skype affects their revenue. Source – it-chuiko.com


3 thoughts on “Skype disappears from Windows Mobile”

  1. Julie Featherstrom says:

    There have been numerous software companies who have stopped developing for Windows Phone classic (previously known as Windows Mobile). This is to be expected, as Microsoft has announced a new phone platform called WP7S.

    The only problem is that it may be near the end of the year before WP7S is released. In the meantime, every Windows Phone on the market now is running the older operating system. That makes it very unappealing to buy a Windows Phone now, knowing that the entire platform will be replaced by a new one.

  2. rrrr says:

    This is the end of Skype!
    As more and more users will find another program which does not choose platforms based on “where the butter is”

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