Very Minor Update Coming to T-Mobile G1

As the Android platform moves further on with the likes of the Motorola Droid and Nexus One smartphone, it is easy to forget those who are still using the original Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G1, but it appears the T-Mobile G1 hasn’t been completely forgotten when it comes to updates.

It appears that although this isn’t quite the update T-Mobile G1 users have been waiting for, an Android 1.6 update is being pushed out over the air to T-Mobile G1 owners as of February the 26th and everyone should have received the update by the 15th of this month reports tmonews.

Unfortunately though this Android 1.6 update is very minor as it is a one trick pony which delivers improved customer call performance only and no other features or enhancements whatsoever.

T-Mobile G1 users should receive an update notice as per the norm asking them to install the update, and once installed the call performance should be improved; however if you find it hasn’t, feel free to drop us a comment on your views.


One thought on “Very Minor Update Coming to T-Mobile G1”

  1. vik says:

    my g1 has stopped receiving texts. i phoned tmobile last week (6th April) and the customer service guy seemed to have sorted it but after 4 days the problem reoccured. Now tmobile say they cant do anything about it . Very annoying!!!!

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