Don’t forget Nokia S40 with Dual SIM in 2010

With all the recent announcements in relation to MeeGo and of course the on going updates for Symbian ^3 its not surprising we seem to have forgotten all about the Nokia S40.

The Nokia S40 is also being developed right now and it looks like smartphone users can look forward to a couple of big surprises in the near future. Not only will the S40 get touchscreen support it will also have dual SIM action as well.

Nokia have a lot of things in store for this, cost effective operating system up to date in 2010. So not only do we have the launch of the S40 to look forward to using a full touchscreen display we can also look forward to the dual SIM something that we have wanted for some time.

And there is more, Nokia have promised to bring full qwerty support to the S40 platform and that will surely help them develop the Ovi Mail and Nokia Life Tools applications out in those countries where your mobile is the only way to connect to the internet. For more information visit noknok.tv

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