How to get your Verizon iPhone: Tutorial

It is quite obvious many iPhone users simply do not like the Big Blue and would much rather Apple made the decision and went with the Big Red thus enabling iPhone users to switch from AT&T to the Verizon network. The problem is Verizon is CDMA and the iPhone needs a CDMA chip for it to work with Verizon.

Now, Apple is dragging their heels about delivering the iPhone to Verizon, but that may not mean you can’t use Verizon for your iPhone. The guys over at quickpwn have apparently come up with a way of using the iPhone on the Verizon network.

So how is this accomplished? Well apparently it’s all down to WiFi and Verizon offers MiFi which works as a hotspot and enabled to connection of up to 5 WiFi enabled handsets to the Verizon network.

Basically it will deliver internet access to the iPhone on Verizon however you won’t attain phone services due to the iPhone not having a CDMA chip, but you can download VoIP apps and use the iPhone on Verizon’s MiFi service which MiFi plans start at $39.99 per month so is cheaper alternative to AT&T.


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