Apple iPad UK April £389: Will iPhone 4G be cheaper?

It seems that Apple may have no choice but to delay the launch of the extremely highly anticipated iPad launch.

There have been some reports that there have been problems at the Taiwanese manufacturer Hon Hai Precision otherwise known as Foxconn. According to comments from an analyst Peter Misek a manufacturing bottleneck at Hon Hai Precision will result in only 300k units being available at launch.

That is an astounding 70% less than Apple‘s estimated 1,000k units. Apparently the problems are not likely to cause long term effects with the sales and it is still predicted that 1.2 million iPads will ship in fiscal 2010. It could be that Apple may restrict the launch to the US only or perhaps delay the launch for a month.

This falls in line with the rumoured UK pricing which has been leaked by geeky-gadgets.com. That states the price will be £389 for a 16GB model or £439 for a 32GB model and that it will be launched in the UK in April.

So the burning question being asked is the iPhone 4G likely to be cheaper than the iPad? it is also predicted that the iphone 4G may well have a lower price and better specifications. To find out more visit hexus.net


2 thoughts on “Apple iPad UK April £389: Will iPhone 4G be cheaper?”

  1. The chances are the 4G is going to be significantly more pricey than the ipad. Ipad has gone crazy with apps at the moment. I wonder if we’ll see the same gold rush for the 4G

  2. johnbiddulph says:

    this is crazy! you are paying for size, Apple could easily make teh same features in teh ipad such as retina display, a camera front and back… just wait a year or 2 ipad will do video calls too! I bet ya!

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