First BlackBerry Slider Smartphone in the works?

If this image is anything to go by, Research In Motion could well be making their first BlackBerry Slider form factor smartphone, although there is no other info and nothing has remotely been confirmed.

The image of this BlackBerry vertical slider handset comes via the guys over at crackberry who are running a poll on whether it is an early prototype on final hardware.

However, the same image over on bbleaks brings up the question, is this the BlackBerry Storm 3? Although again they cannot actually confirm if it actually exists or not, but do say they seem convincing.

So what do you think readers, do Research In Motion have a BlackBerry slider in the works, could it be the BlackBerry Storm 3? Drop us a comment on your thought below.


One thought on “First BlackBerry Slider Smartphone in the works?”

  1. Kevin M says:

    I give the idea of a BlackBerry slider a BIG thumbs down. This looks more like an Samsung and LG product than a BlackBerry. If RIM goes ahead with this joke they should call it the BlackBerry Pre Wannabe.

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