Apple iPad is a phone, well it makes emergency calls

Well the latest creation out of the Apple stable, the Apple iPad seems to be taking steps to becoming move of a giant iPhone than an Apple tablet,, as it appears the Apple iPad is stepping into mobile phone territory with the ability to place emergency calls.

Apparently, according to an article over on 9to5mac, there had been found in the Apple iPad SDK a function that can possibly make emergency phone calls, and this function was notices when the pass code lock password was incorrectly entered 5 times.

Of course this function could well have simply been left over form the iPhone operating system, or it could well have been built into the Apple iPad and could possibly be a feature of the 3G version.

Another possibility could be that the FCC have regulations in place that require any wireless “phones” to make an emergency call, but then the iPad isn’t supposed to be a wireless phone…or is it?

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