Samsung Galaxy i5700 Portal Gets Reviewed

The Samsung Galaxy i5700 Portal has now been given a review going over; the Samsung Galazy i7500 Portal is also know as the Samsung Galaxy Spica on the continent which they gained last year, and so the guys over at electricpig thought it was about time they got up close and personal with the Android smartphone.

First off they say that the Samsung Galaxy i7500 Portal is “lovely for a cheap communicator,” with its matte panel and 3.5mm jack being placed at the head of the handset, and the Samsung Galaxy i7500 Portal commands a sturdy feel.

The Samsung Galaxy i7500 Portal is an Android handset as you would expect it with no flashy software skin going on. They do say though that they don’t like the way one needs to hold the unlock button for so long to get the handset going.

Another downside to the Samsung Galaxy i7500 Portal is that it is disappointingly laggy when used and slows down big time when more than one application is used.

The Samsung Galaxy i7500 Portal offers a 3.2 inch screen, WiFi, GPS, 3.2 megapixel camera, and Android 1.5 operating system. Overall they didn’t seem to have much good to say with the Samsung Galaxy i7500 Portal and say they would recommend the LG GW620 as a better option.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy i5700 Portal Gets Reviewed”

  1. Jax says:

    Sent this phone back 2 days after getting it. Awkward keyboards for texting etc, bluetooth not supported unless you upgrade software to 2.1 (not compatible with Windows 7), cant use own MP3s as ringtones, simple things such as calendar entries require you to open a googlemail account – which I understand is an Android thing and not the phones personal fault, No inbox or sent folders within messages, everything bundled under 'conversations',no secondary camera for video calling (nit picking now), nothing special about 3.2 camera. Not saying its a bad phone – just wasnt for me!!

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