Would You Buy an iPhone Sausage Stylus?

Yes I know it sounds a ridiculous question but these questions need to be asked. It appears that the latest craze in Korea is using a sausage as a style for operating the iPhone during cold weather, there was a video doing the round of this previously.

Well apparently according to the guys over at gizmodo, anyone wishing to also join the iPhone sausage brigade can now do so as the iPhone Sausage Stylus is now available for sale. Yes at first I thought this was some kind of joke but appearntly you can purchase the iPhone Sausage Stylus for just a buck.

However there is more as the guys say that not only can the user keep their gloves on by using the iPhone Sausage Stylus which is compatible with al liPhone variants obviously, you can also consume your iPhone Sausage Stylus when you get a bit hungry.

They have even ordered the iPhone Sausage Stylus so they can actually check it out and admit they are excited about receiving it. So if you fancy getting yourself an iPhone Sausage Stylus you can gain it from here, or simply visit your local supermarket

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