Are you happy with O2 iPhone data roaming charges? Tips

Many of you including ourselves have experienced very high data roaming charges whilst abroad, we would love to know how much your O2 bill was when you got back home from your lovely holiday.

I know that data roaming is staggering on the pocket and when I was in Gran Canaria I switched data roaming on to check emails etc then off again once finished, the bill when I got back was an amazing £312 on top of the £53 a month contract bill.

I use the Apple iPhone and the service in Gran Canaria was Movistar, the hotel I stayed in did not have Wi-Fi connection and the local shops that had Wi-Fi was always jam-packed, the only choice I had left was to go down the data-roaming route.

Now we here at phonesreview.co.uk know that data roaming is very expensive indeed and this is why we warn customers to be vigilant, in a way customers cannot blame O2 and we do stick up for them a little.

The reason we are writing this is because many customers are not happy with O2 and its charges, but in a way you cannot really blame O2 because as soon as you arrive in a country you will receive a text message saying “Don’t forget, using data on your iPhone while abroad for things like web browsing, Google maps, and Apps can use 1MB/min. To monitor how much you use, go to Settings/General/Usage. Its £3/MB in the EU and £6/MB outside the EU.”

You are warned but like myself we still use data roaming, our own faults really, before you go abroad make sure your data roaming is switched off on the iPhone, do this simply by: Go to Settings icon/Then General option/Then Network option/Now Slide the Data Roaming slider to Off

You could choose a 50Mb bolt-on to make things a little easier for you, but then if you do not travel that much in one year what is the point. Please let us know how much you were charged for data roaming when you got back home. Cannot wait to read some of your comments


19 thoughts on “Are you happy with O2 iPhone data roaming charges? Tips”

    1. kenny says:

      Hello..we ve just come back from India and had our i phone to play games, last months bill was £300 this months is£800.Hvae you had any luck with your bill

  1. chrias says:

    o2 rips off customers using data overseas. this is a discrace and should be stopped. how much money dothey make from this. OFcOm should investogate.

  2. Lucy says:

    £360 for one day of germany… didn't even check emails / use internet once… apparently the phone does it itself. How nice of it.

    Rang up and moaned (alot). Thought it was really unfair not to know about these charges. Eventually got the bill reduced to £90… worth trying with customer services and seeing what they say. don't give up and ill eventually they'll just want you off the phone..

  3. Laura McG says:

    I went to Spain for 7 days and have come home to a bill of £800….I only agreed to a bolt on of 10MB @£17 something on a business contract….Can I do anything about this? Do I have any means of argument to request a reduction in this bill? Maybe having the actual data used investigated? Any help here would be great!

    1. Rutger says:

      Do you know how much data usage the £800 represents? How many MBs? It is possible that you used (maybe unknowingly) more than 10MB. Any usage exceeding your 10MB bolt-on would have a different, and probably very expensive, tariff.
      From 1st July this year (I think), O2 has changed the bolt-on policy so that if you reach whatever is the max data usage in your bolt-on, the data roaming stops working, which I think is a better policy.

  4. PeterS says:

    My IPhone contract with O2 is about to expire and I am delighted to see that Vodafone roaming charges are cheap in comparison to O2. Still outrageous in any terms, but substantially cheaper than O2.

    I had no choice of supplier last time. I sent O2 a text to say that their exorbitant roaming charges would drive me away. So it will be goodnight from me …

  5. Suzanne says:

    How do iphone roaming charges compare to those of blackberry? Love my iphone but need internet access when travelling abroad on business and prefer not to have to use laptop or business centres all the time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Went to Australia on business trip, WIFI Internet was down in hotel for one day. used company datacard for 50 mins (USELESS with hindsight) browsing on youtube etc. On return found out bill came to approx £2000+. Have to pay it back as it was all private use. The most expensive Youtube video ever watched. Total rip-off by O2 i think. But I equally blame myself for it. I should have known better. You live & learn.

  7. neil says:

    my sony ericsson aino updated itself without my knowledge or authorisation and they are charging me 400euros.has this happened to anyone else

  8. Goodchis says:

    I was refunded twice by O2, they admitted their mistake, and yet I went away again – Had Data Roaming Switched OFF and still come back to 34 pounds of data charges. Now they wont refund! Has anyone else had issue of Data Roaming being switched off on iPhone yet still incur charges when they get back to the UK?

  9. Rich says:

    Just back from Dubai – apparently I downloaded 32mb. What's that? A few minutes..??!! Monthly bill £303 rather than my typical £50. Disgusting bunch of corporate scumbags

  10. Mike says:

    The problem is O2! Their data roaming charges are insanely high compared to Vodafone and T-Mobile!
    I just switched to T-Mobile UK, and they have a neat Euro Internet option for £10 which gives you 50MB abroad, which is enough for most web usage during a 1 or 2 week holiday in Europe. Ditch O2 and go to T-Mobile!

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