New iPhone 4G 2010 or 2011, Verizon or AT&T?

As we get closer to middle year, more and more speculation will be hitting the net waves concerning the greatly anticipated next generation iPhone, which is currently being referred to as the iPhone 4G, iPhone 4G 2010, and such, but when it comes down to it only Apple know what they will call the device.

The main speculations over the next iPhone revolves around what new features it will bring to the iPhone public, when it will be released and who will be the next generation iPhone carrier.

There have been an abundance of rumours over “iPhone 4G” features from the inclusion of an AMOLED screen, and front facing camera, to a faster processor, but all just rumour. The release of the “iPhone 4G” is another much talked about point, with some even saying April will see a limited launch of a new iPhone, while other stick with the Apple traditional date of June, and some have claimed a new iPhone won’t materialise until 2011. There’s even been rumours that the iPhone 4G will be priced lower due to the launch of the Apple iPad.

Then there’s the question of, which carrier will gain the iPhone 4G, AT&T are supposed to lose exclusivity over the iPhone but there have been reports the Big Blue exclusivity will be extended, which no doubt won’t please many including AT&T iPhone customers.

What about a Verizon iPhone? There has been a huge call for Apple to bring the iPhone to the Big Red, and Verizon does offer a huge customer base that could potentially swell the Apple coffers, yet Apple continue to drag their heels over giving the iPhone to the largest network in the US.

Personally I think Apple should and eventually will deliver the iPhone to Verizon along with other carriers, but just when that will happen remains a mystery, they could do it this year with the “iPhone 4G” or possibly next year with a newer iPhone, but eventually the iPhone will be opened up to carriers in the US just like it has over here in the UK.

So readers, what are your views, will there be an iPhone 4G in 2010 or 2011 and will AT&T retain exclusivity or will Apple finally open up the iPhone to Verizon, and what new features would you like to see come to the next generation iPhone?


11 thoughts on “New iPhone 4G 2010 or 2011, Verizon or AT&T?”

  1. My opinion is that Apple is unable to launch a revolutionary version of the iPhone in the same period than the iPad. iPad would seem already outdated compared to an AMOLED multitasked iPhone. That is a mistake that Steve jobs is not ready to make.

    We have then to assume that Apple will wait for the iPad to be widely commercialized and accepted before launching the new iPhone.

    Then lets count the remaining time:
    iPad release in the US :end of March, probably april according to other rumors
    iPad release in Europe and worldwide: not before September 2010 to obtain a full coverage of the market
    Acceptable time for the iPad to be seen as outdated: 4-6 months

    Then Iphone 4G will definitely wait for February 2011. At least.

    However, I think that we have to consider very seriously the hypothesis of a release of an iPhone 3GS slightly updated by april, by August, so that the release rate of Apple do not decrease after iPad release.

    What do you guys think?

    Guillaume Ang

  2. RW says:

    Unlike Europe, for the most part the carriers in the do not use compatible technology and in most cases the same frequencies for 3G. Therefore, until Verizon gets there LTE network running for both voice and data they will not get the option of an iPhone. AT&T will start switching to LTE in 2011 and Verizon will be starting in 2010, both using the same frequencies. However, Verizon will be only using LTE for data for many years to come which will doom its customers to an iPhone free existence.

  3. I believe Apple will keep Iphone with AT&T. Apple’s strategy was always focused on deliverying high value product to consumers. In case Iphone becomes available for everyone at cheap price, let’s say “commodity”, like any other mobile in the market, it will loses its best value. Then Apple will face what all other mobile manufacturers do: price war, very small margin, generic product, etc…

    Iphone is still a product which can create a status to people… This counts a lot in business!!!

  4. anon says:

    AT & T is the worst service, hands down. I just don’t get why Apple would stick with this loser. Can someone help me understand? Apple is the only thing AT & T has going for it.

    1. Sidney says:

      I have to agree with you here. Nothing would make me happier than to have an iphone, but I cannot get AT&T service inside my house! No joke. A friend of mine has AT&T and if I call her phone from my phone (verizon service) standing in the same room, her phone won't ring! I don't have a land-line phone, so how could I even think about switching? I would not be able to receive calls in my own home! Unless I want to forgo connectivity while at home (which is not an option) I have to put my iphone dreams aside- at least for now.

  5. Don Mark says:

    I’m always excited about a new generation iPhone. I’ve purchased the original iPhone, then the 3G, and now own the 3GS 32 gig. However, I am much more excited about the possibility of having an iPhone on a carrier other than AT&T. I know that Apple has made a ton of money with an exclusive relationship with AT&T sharing in fees and revenue, but as a consumer AT&T is horrible when it comes to customer service, drop calls, coverage, and more. I vote for Verizon. Come on Steve, do it for your Apple loyalists!

  6. James says:

    I have a feeling that it can go both ways, some rumors and hearsay it will go to verizon, but others say that AT&T still owns the rights on their network. Either way, for apple to open up their phone to the other networks would being a loosing bet for apple, since not everyone has the Iphone and only a select few have them, and have to deal with AT&T. And AT&T, it doesn’t matter that people can talk and browse the internet at the same time, your service stinks. If apple does go with verizon, than they will become just one of those companies that mass produce, I.E. The droid, and everyone will have it, get bored of it, and expect something new within a couple of months.

  7. anavic42 says:

    keep it up, i like apple very much, and cannot wait to have a new iphone 4 that will launch here in our country, and im still looking forward for that.

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