Verizon iPhone Poll Petition: Vote if you want one

Many of you including ourselves have mentioned about the Verizon iPhone, we have covered speculations, rumours and so much more about this carrier striking a deal with Apple.

The Apple device is already with other carriers like in the UK and other countries but in the States, it is AT&T that has the exclusivity now, and the question is “Will they lose its exclusivity this year, next year or indeed not at all?”

We run a poll not so long ago asking would you prefer an iPhone with AT&T or Verizon, and the results started to pour in, a total of 2,253 votes have come in so far with 1,773 Votes leading towards the Verizon iPhone.

Then there was 352 Votes for both Verizon and AT&T, 107 Votes just for AT&T and 21 Votes for neither. It clearly shows customers wish for the Verizon iPhone, this is why we decided to run a Verizon iPhone Poll Petition.

This time we really want to push this out to see what you really want, we would love for you to vote below using our poll system and in the comments area below say “YES PLEASE: We want the iPhone with Verizon.

If we get a good feedback we will publish the outcome for Apple and Verizon to see, and will continue to do so until we get some real solid answers instead of speculations. Get the ball rolling now and get this petition filled out.

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12 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone Poll Petition: Vote if you want one”

  1. Hector Casillas says:

    I have been waiting for a while for the verizon iphone. We deserve to have the greatest phones available also. This exclusivity was fine during its terms but to block other carriers from having the same great experience post terms is just wrong.

  2. Delynnie says:

    YES PLEASE!!!! We want the iPhone with Verizon!
    We have been waitting for so long! All my friends think they are so cool with thier iPhones! Well we could be cooler with a Verizon iPhone cuz Verizon Rocks so much better than AT&T!!!!

  3. dave says:

    YES PLEASE: We want the iPhone with Verizon. The iPhone rocks! It would rock even better with big red! Come on Apple and Verizon. Its time to make love and make little iPhone babies!

  4. Stacie says:

    I had verizon and switched to get the IPhone which is the best phone EVER. Because of coverage I had to give up my iphone and go back to Verizon and have the droid.

    IPHONE RULES and apple and verizon need to get their heads out of the sand and give us as consumers what we want. I dont know how I would do it but I would buy full price to get one.

  5. joseph says:

    AT&T is not as good as verizon. My friend has a droid phone and says it is better than the iphone but the only thing better is that it is on verizon. So if the Iphone was on verizon it would be the very best phone to have.

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