Video: Windows Phone 7 Theme for Older Windows Mobile Handsets

If you use an older Windows Mobile 6.5 mobile phone and are a bit envious of Windows Phone 7 Series, don’t fret as it looks like there are going to be a few Windows Phone 7 themes popping up all over the place to skin your Windows Mobile phone.

And just so you can see what is happening in the world of Windows Phone 7 Series themes for older Windows Mobile handsets we have a video demonstration of a WP7 theme from XDA-developer LeSScro courtesy of the guys over at pocketnow.

The Windows Phone 7 Series theme which lasts just over three minutes can be viewed below and shows us features such as the lockscreen with time, date and notifications, the start screen with blue tiles and links that are familiar, pictures hub, games, hub, media hub, stocks hub, office hub and much more.

So it looks like older Windows Mobile handsets will soon be able to at least pretend they are Windows Phone 7 Series handsets, hit up the video below and let us know your thoughts.


One thought on “Video: Windows Phone 7 Theme for Older Windows Mobile Handsets”

  1. Horst says:

    Looks nice but really slow compared to WP7.
    I wonder what the guys from MS think about that… Imagine someone seeing a phone with that theme and expecting it to be WP7. If it is slow he might not want to buy a WP7 device and will tell his "experience" to other possible buyers…
    Just my 2 cents.

    I own a WM6.5 device now, but think I'll get a WP7 device instead of installing the theme (even if it means I have to save some money ;-)).

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