iPhone OS 3.2 coming soon, RedEye mini proves it

There is a new product coming soon that is called ‘RedEye mini’, this new product is for the Apple iPhone and will require iPhone OS 3.2 for it to work, this obviously tells us that a new operating system update for the iPhone is getting nearer.

This third-party accessory will need the update for it to work with the iPhone and iPod Touch, RedEye mini the iPhone accessory by ThinkFlood will control your DVD player, TV, cable box, stereo and just about any product that has standard infrared signals.

This new product will only cost around $50, according to Softpedia the price will be below $50 and will release this Spring.

This new RedEye mini plug-in infrared adapter will also require an iPhone app, which you will be able to download free via iTunes or the App Store. Oh, yes iPhone OS 3.2, shall we hope that 3.1.3 is fully fixed before they bring us 3.2 peeps

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