iPhone OS 3.2 SDK Reveals iPhone 4G 2010 Codename

Apple’s latest creation came as a bit of a disappointment to the mobile phone world as they were expecting some revelation on the next generation iPhone to be announced; however, although all attention has turned to the iPad, the next iPhone is on its way.

Apparently a tipster for the guys at engadget discovered within the Framework of the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK, the code name of the next iPhone, and well, finding the codename does mean at least the next generation iPhone does exist.

The codename follows the traditional route with iPhone codenaming as previous iPhones were codenamed M68, N82, and N88, it is now found there is an N89 which is the new iPhone 4G 2010 or whatever you call it.

So there it is, confirmation sort of that the next generation iPhone is on its way, and no doubt once it gets rolling, eyes will again turn from the iPad and focus on the next generation iPhone.


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  1. As for the coming 4th gen iPod Touch it will be interesting to see how Apple places it compared to the Apple iPad and the iPhone to generate a touch based device portfolio that delivers the highest sales and revenue figures. A few wrong moves and the iPod Touch could all of a sudden find itself as the odd product out!

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