AAA Battery Powered Phone Announced By Olive Telecom India

Now there are smartphone like the iPhone which have a non-removable battery, and there are mobile phone with the normal flat style removable battery, so how about a mobile phone that uses a normal AAA battery for its power?

Well according to an article over on engadget, Olive Telecom India have announced the FryrOn V-G2300 which is a GSM mobile phone that is dual powered with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and for those time your Li-ion battery runs out it sports a AAA battery for backup.

Apparently the addition of the AAA battery will give the user about an extra hour of talk time, and the user can pop in any standard AA battery, which is kind of neat and is always handy to have an extra bit of power on hand when needed.

Spec wise the FryrOn V-G2300 offers a 1.5 inch colour display, speakerphone, and built in FM radio, and not much else so is a very basic mobile phone, but you do get the option to use that AAA battery as a backup power supply.

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