Droid and Nexus One Givaway: Are you an Android creator?

A great article over on it-chuiko.com following on the rumours going around the internet at the moment in relation to Google giving away Droid and Nexus One smartphones for free.

I know it sounds truly great doesn’t it, well in order to be in with a chance of getting hold of one you will need to be an Android creator that has at least one app that has scored 3.5 stars or more and over 5,000 unique downloads.

Firstly gratifying creators for abundant applications is worthy enough in itself, although some would say call for comparable measures from Microsoft for Tablet PC inventors and actually any business attempting to cultivate an ever evolving market.

Also Android is merely on edition 2.1 and it seems that the disintegration issues is previously taking a hold. The intention to upgrade all Android handsets in the United States to 2.1 is certainly a step in the right direction to sorting the problem. The perks are that it is invite only to selected designers in the US may get either a Droid or a Google Nexus One.

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