Nokia Concept Phone: The Nokia Stealth

Of course it’s not just the iconic iPhone that designers like to give their opinion on in the form of concepts as we have for you today a Nokia concept phone which the designer calls the Nokia Stealth, presumably due to its stealth like angles.

According to an article over on concept-phones, the Nokia Stealth has been designed by Reginald Shola Hingston and is a mid level mobile phone which is “destines to reach the pockets of tech enthusiasts.”

The Nokia Stealth concept handset sports an ergonomically sculptures keypad which enables the user to quickly navigate via touch, and features a rubberised matte surface which absorbs “light on radii” and uses a pearlescent matte colouring to produce a dark red hue.

Kind of pretty isn’t it with all those sharp angles that resembles a stealth bomber, or some sort of futuristic Star Trek-ish burial casket. So what do you think of this Nokia Stealth concept? Feel free to drop us a comment with your thoughts.

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