Walk the Mobile with Yo Phone Charger Concept

Today seems to be a day for mobile phone concepts; well it makes a change from the everyday iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, and the like handsets doesn’t it. So what we have here is the Yo Phone Charger concept courtesy of the guys over at yanko design.

And yes it is fairly obvious by its design and name that this particular mobile phone charger concept has been designed with the famed Yoyo in mind. Ah, remember those days when you were younger playing with your Yoyo, well this works the same as a Yoyo but charges your mobile phone.

Designed by designer Emmanuel Hanson using the Yo Phone Charger is supposed to charge your mobile handset, in fact not only does it charge your phone but is in fact the mobile phone itself.

Yep, the Yo Phone Charger concept is a Yoyo Phone designed to charge by going through the motions of using the up and down motions of a Yoyo, so now you can play with your phone whilst charging. What do you think, will it ever take off?

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