AT&T campaign urges dont text and drive

When you think about it logically it isn’t worth the risk, if you think would reading or replying to a text message whilst driving would be worth causing an accident and therefore there is no text that couldn’t wait.

AT&T are launching a campaign today in order to raise awareness about the risks of texting and driving and reminds all wireless consumers especially the younger generation that text messages can and should wait until you have finished driving.

The national campaign features some true stories and the text message that was either sent or received just before somebody’s life was altered or in some cases even ended because of texting. The full article can be read over at earthtimes.org

In one of the television spots the text reads “where u at?” and the mother speaks that that was the text her daughter was reading when she drove straight into the path of oncoming traffic. The advertisement also includes the campaigns tagline which says texting and driving it can wait. The campaign will be over radio, print and TV and online advertising.

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