Steve Jobs says no iPad will not get iPhone tethering

It was just yesterday that we heard that the Wi-Fi iPad is going to be available in United States stores from April 3rd and the iPad pre orders start off from March 12th.

So not surprisingly there are many people out there raiding piggy boxes all over in order to scrape enough cash together to get their hands on one of the three Wi-Fi Pad models so far available.

One of those customers from Sweden sent an email directly to Steve Jobs asking whether the Wi-Fi iPad will be able to use the iPhone’s 3G connection, what’s more of a shock was the response he received as Steve Jobs answered him from his own iPhone and his answer was quite simply “no”.

I suppose it is quite logical that Apple don’t wish to support iPhone tethering on the Wi-Fi iPad, if you want 3G then you will need to pay the extra premium in order to get it. 3G fee is $130 for the 3G iPad which will be with you at some stage in April.
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  1. Well it’s great that Steve would reply directly to a customer email like that. It would be nice if you could tether the connection but I would just like to see recognition from carriers that iPad users with an iPhone will potentially be signing up for a partially duplicated service so it the £G iPad access should be discounted if you already have an iPhone contract.

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