Motorola Opus Android iDEN now Motorola i1

Remember the Motorola Opus, supposedly Motorola first Android based handset for iDEN, well according to an article over on intomobile, Motorola have decided the Motorola Opus is going to be officially known as the Motorola i1.

Details on the Motorola i1 are rather scant, but their do say that the smartphone could possible carry MotoBlur over Android 1.5 OS, a 3 megapixel camera, and that’s about all that’s known at the moment.

It is expected the Motorola i1 may see an official announcement happening within the next few weeks, which would nicely coincide with CTIA at the end of the month.

Oh and apparently the Motorola i1 is the same Motorola Opus device which was leaked back in December, not too sure why Motorola opted to go with Android 1.5 over Android 2.0 or even Android 2.1, but there you go.


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  1. I have the phone and I really like it. The only thing im having problems with is the camera and taking pictures. Sometimes it will take but a notification of my settings keeps popping up when Ive changed whats needed to be changed a million times. Other than that I like the phone. Its my first touch screen. If anyone knows how to help with the camera PLEASEEEEE let me know =)

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