Nokia Patent reveals self charging handset

Here is some really interesting news posted over on engadget.com in relation to a recent patent from Nokia.

In there own words ‘Nokia’s’ what we have here to look at is a piezoelectric kinetic energy harvester. Hmm, I’m as confused by that description as the next person I would have thought however, for those that didn’t know like myself it works on the same principles as kinetic wristwatches have done for some time now.

It is Nokia’s idea to capture the energy which is generated by the phones movements and to refashion it into beautiful clean eco friendly electric power. The Espoo think tank think that by allowing the heavier internal components to move on rails within the phone as part of force transferring assembly.

This will in fact capitalize on all the small forces of acceleration and rotation that we subject our phones to on a daily basis. It would seem at this stage silly to expect that this would actually replace our traditional chargers, but Nokia do deserve credit for even giving it a go.

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