iPhone Sausage Screen Stylus: Would you use it?

Some of you may have already seen recent articles and pictures of the sausage finger as the sausage has been floating around since early last month.

Here we have another update thanks to the guys over at crunchgear.com the original picture showed two chaps on a South Korean subway car using sausages yes actually using sausages to manipulate their iPhones.

That was that or so we thought but no things have moved on and now you can actually get your very own sausage for your very own iPhone.

For just 99 cents plus shipping you can have your own iPhone Sausage Screen Stylus of course it comes with a stern warning that this is not for consumption. It is compatible for all versions of the iPhone and the iPod Touch will you be getting your sausage soon? Or heading to the fridge for the edible version

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