T-Mobile USA HTC HD2 Release Date Revealed

We all love news when speculation, rumours and of course leaks are mentioned, even more so when the HTC HD2 is mentioned.

Well this time none of the above come into the equation because this time the release date is all official according to SlashPhone, The HTC HD2 will be launching on T-Mobile USA on March 24.

There will be a special T-Mobile event on March 16 and it is all about this handset, which suggests March 24 is a good date to release, but then all of a sudden according to GSM Arena the HTC HD2 will launch on March 23 according to a Twitter account.

We will keep you posted on any news about this mobile smartphone, please let us know if you will be buying the HTC HD2 via T-Mobile.


14 thoughts on “T-Mobile USA HTC HD2 Release Date Revealed”

  1. YeS MamS & siRs I aM Definitely Doing A count down for The 1 the only Htc HD2 Lovely canolee !!!! LOL its BETTER than my count down for my fresh copy of DROP DEAD FRED

  2. Dima says:

    I am T-Mobile customer for many years and I am very happy that T-mobile finaly got a phone that can leave iPhone in the dust. Yes I will buy HTC HD2 through T-Mobile, I’ve been waiting for this.

  3. Stefff says:

    I’m with T-mobile and I have a 300$ upgrade. My G1 got washed and drowned in the washer recently and I have been without a touchscreen phone for the past week. I am going CRAZY! But when I found out about this phone I realized its worth the wait! Lol Does anyone know how much it will be? And why doesnt T-mobile customer service know about anything?

  4. Dana says:

    After feeling like a voyeur for about a year now, the HD2 is no longer just eye candy to me. I have had my hands all over its hot little bod.
    I managed to find someone at a store that had a semi working demo unit….mmmm sweet.
    After fondling it for about 30 minutes, I am addicted, I will be camped out waiting for that special moment we become one. lol.
    The only thing I did not like and I hope it’s only on the demo, none of the 3 sensors seemed to work. I rotated the phone 90deg. the screen went with it. It only rotated when playing a movie and not by motion. The light sensor and the proximity sensor also did not function.

    Although I would not like it if this is the way it will be on the released version, there is always the XDA guys 😀 and they have been poking around in it already.

    HD2, come to daddy 🙂

  5. Dan says:

    Just as I was getting ready to give in and buy an unlocked Iphone, HTC saves me. I am done with blackberry.. I have only known about this phone for 3 days, but have thrown every spec of it in front of anyone who would listen!! Can’t wait!!

  6. Queen says:

    OMG, I am so excited!! I have been waiting and waiting and the moment is slowly approching where I will be one of the PROUD owners of the HTC HD2!! Where the heck is 3/23 or 3/24? A few days away now, and it feels like an eternity. I was fortunate enough to play with this novel masterpiece at a T-mobile store last week. OMG, I just have to have it….NOW!!!! I didn’t want to give it back to them, LoL. I guess I can be a tad bit more patient seeing as how I’ve waited 5 months already!!! Sigh Sigh, I want it now!

  7. luisa says:

    i got the phone without a contract, it costs about $500 with the bluetooth. i liked it a lot. the apps were great, but the phone would freeze often. i bought it march 27 and april 3 i had to return it =[ i would like to believe it was only that particular phone that was having problems but idk. the store manager says thats what tends to happen with new phones, specially smart phones. so, if ur going to buy it, u have to think twice. whoever bought the phone already, let me know if ur having the same problems please and thank u!

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