iPhone Love: Matias USB 2.0 Keyboard Docking Station

When it comes to Apple iPhone gadgets this new Matias USB 2.0 Keyboard Docking Station is pure classy, might have to get one of these ourselves just to test it.

The docking station that allows you to dock your own iPhone right above the arrow keys, a keyboard will let you have easy access to your already existing functions installed in the phone.

This product does not charge your device and it will not even sync it either, it does not play your devices music directly from the phone’s storage. Therefore, when you look more into it, it is a pointless piece of kit and this is why we want to test it out.

It seems like it only saves you desk space, what else will it do? You can learn more about the Matias USB 2.0 Keyboard Docking Station via Matias Website. Price is $49.95

Source — Zath via Walyou

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