Google Maps US adds Cycling directions by popular demand

As of right now when you are out cycling you can find your way around via Google Maps in the United States as Google has now added a fourth option to Google maps “Get Directions” route finding feature, “bicycling,” reports an article over on bike radar.

The new Google Maps feature is available in 50 US cities and was announced by Google ta the League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Summit ion Washington DC.

Selecting the “bicycling” option in Google Maps the user is given a step by step route which has been optimised for cycles and thus takes advantage of bike paths, cycle friendly streets, cycle lanes and where possible avoids hills.

Apparently the “bicycling” option has been the most requested addition to Google Maps with an online petition which began back in 2008 garnering over 51,000 signatures. We have a video demo of Google Maps Biking for your viewing pleasure below.

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