Unannounced LG GW370 Shannon Spotted in China

There seems to be a few LG handsets that get spotted before being announced these days and we have another one today known as the LG GW370 Shannon which happened to pop up on some Chinese website reports unwired view.

So what does the LG GW370 Shannon offer? Well there isn’t a great deal known about the handset but it does pack a QVGA display along with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard, and appears to have a trackball.

Basically though the LG GW370 resembles the LG GW620 and LG KS365 handsets and is possibly a low end feature phone for those that love texting and shouldn’t hit your pocket for too much cash.

As for availability and pricing of the LG GW370 handset, well as it hasn’t even been announced by LG yet it still remains a mystery for now.

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