Video: Redboard Interview with Rogers President and CEO

If you are Canadian and a Rogers customer you may be interested in the video we have for you today. A couple of weeks ago Rogers started a blog called Redboard where their social media team can speak with customers, and we have the first Redboard video interview for your viewing pleasure.

In this first Redboard video interview the Redboard team go direct to the top of Rogers Communications and ask questions of Rogers President and CEO Nadir Mohamed.

The interview lasts two and a half minutes and gives us an insight into what Rogers plans for 2010 with Mohamed stating that 2010 will be very interesting as the industry is transforming into a whole new world, and Rogers will continue to build on their brand and reputation.

You can watch the Redboard video interview below courtesy of the guys over at mobile syrup; so all that remains is for you to hit it up and check out what the Rogers boss has to say.

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