Mute Key Standby Mode Function Removed from BlackBerry 5.0

Apparently plenty of BlackBerry users have noticed that with BlackBerry 5.0 the mute key standby mode function doesn’t work and have been putting the non-functioning down to a bug; however apparently a bug is not the cause.

According to an article over on crackberry, the non-function of the mute key standby mode is intended to work that way says the Research In Motion knowledge base which states…

“In earlier BlackBerry Device Software versions the mute key was used to turn standby mode on. Due to changes in the lock key functionality on the BlackBerry smartphone starting in BlackBerry Device software 5.0, the mute key no longer places the BlackBerry smartphone into Standby mode. The mute key will still function to mute calls in the phone application.”

So there you have it BlackBerry 5.0 users but if you used the mute key standby mode you’ll have to do without it as it doesn’t look like wit will be making a return


One thought on “Mute Key Standby Mode Function Removed from BlackBerry 5.0”

  1. duranella says:

    I have had problems finding which one is the mutekey. In Switzerland ALL user manuals are in German. I think I will switch back to iphone.

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