World’s Richest Guy is Mobile Phone Titan

Who’s got the most bucks in the bank in the world? If you think its Bill Gates you’d better think again, because Gates has now been kicked from the billionaires club throne and has now been replace by Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim, reports an article on The Guardian.

Seems old Bill doesn’t have the bucks to keep the number one position as the titan of mobile phones in Mexico, Carlos Slim, who has previously been criticised as a “ruthless monopolist” has been handed the world’s richest person crown by Forbes Magazine.

So how much does the mobile phone magnet actually command? How about a staggering $53.5 billion which is roughly £35.7 billion, and just tips Bill Gates from the slot by .5 billion.

Slim grabbing the world’s richest person crown means that the 70 year old mobile phone baron is the first non-American to grab the top slot since 1994.

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