Nokia Asks US Judge to Dismiss All Apple Claims

The patent infringement battle between Nokia and Apple is heating up, as Nokia has apparently asked a US judge to throw out Apple’s claims that Nokia is trying to monopolise the wireless tech industry and grab iPhone related technology reports an article over on business week.

Nokia said in papers filed in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware, that Apple’s antitrust and breach of contract allegations are implausible and that they are “designed to divert attention away from free-riding off of Nokia’s intellectual property.”

Nokia also accuses Apple of “revisionist history, misleading characterizations, unsupported allegations and flawed and contradictory legal theories to turn these fruitless negotiations into a multi-count federal lawsuit,” and says of the talks between them and Apple as a series on unremarkable offer and counteroffers which were unsuccessful.

With the filing with the ITC on March 11th, Nokia denies infringing on Apple patents and has challenged their validity. So this legal battle between Nokia and Apple looks to be set for the long haul which could last years.

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