British Spectrum Auction Legal Action Threatened by O2 and Vodafone

It appears both O2UK and Vodafone UK aren’t too happy with the planed auction of Spectrum in the UK and have decided to throw their toys out of their pram and have threatened legal action to halt the government moving ahead with the auction under their Digital Britain program reports mobile today.

Apparently both are apposed to the finalised auction plans that were published in a Digital Britain paper last week, and both are looking to seek a judicial review of the plans.

This challenge by O2 and Vodafone could further delay the launch of 4G services across the United Kingdom, while the government want Parliament to give the go ahead by the end of this month.

Vodafone has stated that fair allocation of spectrum is vital for our customers and for competition, and there needs to be an urgent re-examination of what can be done to amend the current proposals. While O2 has said they are reviewing all options but believe fair allocation is vital.

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