3 Mobile launching 6 new Android Phones, Samsung & Sony Ericsson Named

3 Mobile has announced they are to launch 6 mobile phones over the coming months, all of which will be powered by the Google Android operating system, and names Samsung and Sony Ericsson amongst them, reports an article over on mobile offers.

Apparently David Kerrigan, the head of internet services for 3 Mobile said in an interview that the releases will appear in the next 3 months and is part of 3 Mobile’s plans to focus heavily on Android platform handsets during 2010.

Kerrigan, without actually naming any specific models, also said that 3 Mobile will be working closely with both Samsung and Sony Ericsson, and further added that 3 Mobile will also make their Spotify and Skype apps more widely available to customers this year.

At the moment 3 Mobile only offer a single smartphone running the Android operating system which is the HTC Hero, so the addition of a further 3 Android handset will offer a wider range to 3 Mobile customers.

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