8 Low Cost Mobile Phones Launched by MTS India

India has now gained another eight low cost colour mobile phones ranging from Rs. 899 up to Rs. 2899 and come bundled with all local calls at 1p to 2p per second and carries lifetime validity until January the 24th 2028 reports telecomtalk.

To make sure the user gains lifetime validity they have to do a minimum recharge if at least Rs. 200 every six months, and the main features of these low cost handset are camera, FM radio, MP3 player, speakerphone, and double battery.

The eight handsets launched by MTS India are the MTS Rockstar at Rs. 2899, MTS Slider at Rs. 2199, MTS Silver at Rs. 1399, MTS Style at Rs. 1099, MTS Super Star at Rs. 1099,

The three sub Rs. 1000 handset are the MTS Super Power, MTS C2807 and the MTS C6300, all costing Rs. 999.


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