Google Nexus One Enters iPhone Territory

Google has now placed their Android sporting Nexus One superphone in competition with the iconic iPhone by entering traditional iPhone territory, the AT&T network according to an article over on the Wall Street Journal.

The Nexus One up until now was available via Google’s website and worked on the T-Mobile network, but now Google has pushed out a Nexus One version which runs on the Big Blue network the same as the iPhone.

This move places the Nexus One in competition with the iPhone, however according to the article AT&T’s involvement with the Nexus One is said to be minimal and doesn’t sell or subsidise the Android smartphone.

Spokesperson for AT&T, Fletcher Cook has said that AT&T accept a compatible device on their network although wouldn’t confirm if AT&T and Google had discussed the matter; however a spokesperson for Google said, “We have been sharing our plans and progress with AT&T for several weeks.”

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