India Gains G-Fone G-588 Mobile Phone

G-Fone has now launched their G-588 mobile phone in India which commands a price tag of Rs. 4799, and the G-Fone G-588 can be used in 2 different modes such as GSM plus GSM or GSM plus CDMA, in other words the G-588 is a dual SIM handset, reports an article over on telecomtalk

The G-Fone G-588 mobile phone offers the user a QWERTY keypad, integrated Nimbuzz which is a single social networking app for accessing such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and others.

Spec wise the G-Fone G-588 offers a 2.2 inch display, a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, FM radio, video recording and playback, Bluetooth, Opera Mini, Yahoo, email, phone book, those dual SIMs and expandable memory up to 8GB.

The G-Fone G-588 also incorporates a unique feature in its Indian Calendar which the article says serves as a guiding force for the practice of various Hindu rituals and festivals.


10 thoughts on “India Gains G-Fone G-588 Mobile Phone”

  1. The phone looks good (specially the Blackberry-like QWERTY keypad. But I wonder about the quality of the LCD screen. Low-cost cell phones tend to have lower resolution and screen quality as well.

  2. dont go for it says:

    Poor sound OF voice on call.
    poor quality of earphones(worst just broke in one day) returned to the shopkeeper.
    poor battery back up. if charge it in the morning. dead in the evening.
    worst OS. tried to increase the menu items by repeating the same item. like indian calendar,tasks Alarm,world clock,,Stop watch VIDEO PLAYER, CAMERA is given in organizer, extra and Multimedia and as direct menu items . all submenu items as main menu items. . only 250 kb inbuilt memory. no themes. waste of money. dont go for it.

    1. qadeer says:

      did you have purchased this G588 cos I am searching this type of phone. can u pls. suggest which phone with cdma – gsm phone is good to buy. pls. advice

  3. Pritesh says:

    Guys Please inquire the dealer b4 buying this phone. i bought Gfone 588 model and it has this prob. When you are talking on 1gsm line the line2 will comes not reachable. so please look into this matter before buying. JUST WANTED TO WARN YOU GUYS ..

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