Sprint to launch Google Nexus One

A report over on nexus404.com confirms that it is now official that the Google Nexus One handset is about to be launched by Sprint.

The Google Nexus One caught the attention of many carriers in the USA and now Sprint have joined the line and have actually officially announced its own CDMA Google Nexus One through press release.

What has been more surprising is that Sprint have got there quicker than Verizon and Sprint are now ready to launch Google’s finest phone yet. The extremely popular phone which launched some 75 days ago is now available from all the Big four American mobile operators.

The question being asked though is, is it likely that others will follow the example set by Google, could we see Apple do something similar with its iPhone perhaps even the iPhone 4G although that wont be available in CDMA form but the fifth generation should be ready to work in most networks in the United States.

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