AT&T Palm Pre and Pixi Launch Delayed

It doesn’t look like anything seems to be going Palm’s way at the moment, as apparently the launch of the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi for AT&T has been delayed until summer according to Peter Misek, an analyst for Canaccord Adams reports allthingsd.

The launch of the AT&T Pre and Pixi was scheduled for April but has now been pushed back to sometime in June/July. The reason for the launch delay is apparently there’s a long list of tech issues with the smartphones according to Misek.

And there’s even more bad news for Palm’s webOS smartphones as Misek reports that AT&T has decreased its original order of the handsets and has also “sharply reduced” their marketing budget for the launch.

If true then it looks like bad news for Palm who needs the additional sales they could potentially gain through AT&T, but as a result, Misek has cut his February quarter shipment forecast from 720,000 down to 670,000 units.

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