Palm and Sprint join hands for new WiMAX phone

It looks like Palm may be trying to get back in the mobile game after releasing poor sales of the Palm Pre, by partnering Sprint for a new WiMAX mobile phone reports an article over on softsailor.

Originally HTC was to partner Sprint in the WiMAX game, so this new revelation that Palm is now going to be the Sprint WiMAX partner may surprise some although they do share a common past.

Palm has had a bit of a rough time lately considering the webOS based Palm smartphone were seen as the companies’ saviour handsets, but maybe teaming up with Sprint to deliver a WiMAX phone is a step in the right direction.

The article does seem to go overboard about the joint Palm/Sprint WiMAX venture though as it for some reason claims that the launch of 4G will coincide with the salvation of Palm and Sprint will become the number one carrier in the United States…hear that Verizon? Must be a Sprint, Palm fan.


2 thoughts on “Palm and Sprint join hands for new WiMAX phone”

  1. Dee says:

    This could finally be a great combination of a great phone with a great service provider in WiMax.

    Verizon’s telephone service is mostly good but their customer service is the worst in the industry and they just doubled their early termination fee to $350 – tech people at Verizon have told me that IF Verizon were to get a great phone that was a hot seller, their service quality would plummet with higher sign ups – this would explain their doubling the early termination fee to $350 as a hedge to planned deteriorating service and customer dissatisfaction.

    In other words, Verizon’s good connection ratings are only a result of their failure, so far, to get a truly hot selling phone.

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