Intel and Orange finalise deal to push Meego OS

A deal between chip maker Intel and network operator Orange has been finalised to push mobile phones which are based on the Intel and Nokia Meego operating system reports an article over on The Inquirer.

As you are probably aware, during Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Nokia and Intel announced their partnership to combine both Moblin and Maemo operating systems to form the Meego mobile operating system.

Now Orange has come aboard to help in the push of Meego OS based mobile handset which will include rich media services like Orange TV and Maps, and Orange hopes that their customers will take advantage of Meego devices.

Intel is to push Meego onto their Atom processor and is vital to Intel that Meego runs on ARM as well as the x86 architecture, and the Intel and Orange announcement looks like a marriage of convenience so both don’t get left behind in the mobile internet handset market.

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