Orange and Intel get nice and cosy

An announcement has recently been made by mobile operator Orange and PC chip giant Intel for Orange to deliver multimedia services on Atom based devices using the Meego software platform.

This is a fantastic illustration of the convergence of the PC and Telco sectors. Having said that it is a little strange as Meego is the product of combining Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo therefore I suppose you could quite easily throw Nokia into the mix as well.

Both Intel and Orange will be establishing a common framework for applications and services to function not only over mobile phones but also tablets and netbooks. It could be that Nokia were not named in the announcement because of the benefit for Orange will be increased availability of applications such as Orange Maps which as we know competes directly with applications from the Ovi store.

With Nokia being the first handset maker to get itself into netbooks with the atom based booklet it is going to be rather interesting to see how this trinity of the handset maker, chip company and operator will work out.

Source – channel.hexus.net

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