WebOS1.4 SDK Released by Palm

Yes webOS developers your wait is over as you can now download the new SDK for webOS 1.4 which has now been released by Palm so you can get to work on new webOS development for the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi smartphones.

So what do developers get with the new webOS SDK, well according to the guys over at precentral webOS now incorporates Webkit 4 along with enhanced CSS support and other improvements., updates webOS implementation of the HTML 5 Media API delivering improvements to audio and bringing closer conformance to the spec.

Also the camera API has been extended to enable an app to initiate video capture along with image capture, and webOS sees an updated V8 JavaScript engine.

The guys say that it is good to see audio playback latency has now been significantly reduced with webOS 1.4 SDK and that any application can now initiate video capture.

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