Will Palm Deliver WiMAX Smartphone for Sprint?

Palm recently came out an admitted that the sales of their webOS smartphones, namely the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi are well below their expectations, and these smartphones were seen as the saviours of Palm.

Now there are rumours hitting the net waves that Palm may be sold, or that Palm is working on beefing up their smartphone portfolio with the possibility of a WiMAX smartphone for Sprint according to an article over on computerworld.

Apparently Sprint is saying they don’t want Palm to be sold and hopes that Palm will continue to push out new smartphones and continue updating the Palm webOS. However when asked neither Palm or Sprint would comment on the matter.

Several analysts have said that what Palm need to do is get more smartphones on the market and with more carriers, which would save Palm from disaster. ABI analyst Kevin Burden has said that Palm needs to get onboard with GSM carriers as Sprint and Verizon haven’t done it for them..


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  1. Tara says:

    Why does Verizon get the new and improved Palm Pre Plus when Sprint unveiled the Palm first?! I am an avid Palm user, from my original 650 now to my 755 and I waited anxioulsy for the Pre only to be dissuaged from my purchase by freinds and coworkers who purhcased it first and retailers informing me of performance issues.

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