Google Sync: Are you having problems?

There appears to be a problem with Google Sync as many iPhone users have noticed Google Sync is experiencing some difficulties due to what Google says is an extended problem with one of their datacenters, reports an article over on tipb.

Google Sync is a service which enables iPhone and iPod touch users to receive instant “push” access to their Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts and is so they say experiencing problems.

The word from Google is that the problem has been going on over the weekend; however has become significantly worse. No information has been lost and users will still be able to acquire their data via Sync, but push isn’t working too well.

The reason push isn’t working too well is Google is batching up fetch requests to be able to cope with traffic but they do see this problem as ongoing. Once they have resolved the issue, push should once again start seamlessly working again.

So iPhone toting readers, have you been experiencing this Google Sync problem? If so feel free to drop us a comment in the comments area below.


4 thoughts on “Google Sync: Are you having problems?”

  1. thebasa says:

    Ahhhhh! Yes, this was happening all weekend. No push to iPhone and this morning things got much worse as my entire Google Calendar was empty. Very interesting that they’re very quiet about it, and I’m sure if anyone complains they’ll be saying oh well it’s free. C’mon GOOG. How you gonna play with the big boys with service interruptions this huge

  2. stef says:

    Same problem since this morning, cannot find anything on the web about this issue.

    All my emails disappeared from my Iphone. No-one use the push on Iphone ?

  3. I’m suffering with this! I resorted to deleting the account off my phone and creating a new one (exchange).

    I synced my phone and now only about 10 or so emails are being pulled down. Push seemed to work but there was some delay. I was just about to reset my phone and try to revert back to 3.1.2 (but couldn’t find how to do that) until I read this. I think I’ll hold out for a few days.

    Also, a bit off topic, but I think they should also enable different calendars to be synced as only the main calender is.

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