iPhone Q1 Shipments up 100 Percent

Apparently the sales of the iPhone seem to be unstoppable as Apple’s first quarter results show shipments of the iconic iPhone rose 100 percent as compared to the previous year reports an article over on iphone world.

Canaccord Adams has released their latest report which states “iPhone sales are coming in ahead of estimates.” Analyst Peter Misek gave his Apple purchasing rate and $250 price target on Monday, and explained that Apple’s iPhone estimates at 7.2 million wasn’t big enough and raise it to 7.9 million.

Apparently iPhone growth has been driven by the consumer however the technology is apparently slowly gaining in corporate America. Canaccord Adams has already reported that a Verizon iPhone would more than likely not arrive until 2011, and Misek has said that the iPhone 4.0 will almost certainly launch in the March to June timeframe.

Furthermore, analysts are warning that the launch of the Apple iPad this month could well be delayed due to component shortage and production problems or be limited in size.

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